About our Inspection Services

Drilling Services Limited can offer various inspection techniques, customised according to our Customer requirements. Our inspection services range from the basic visual inspection & MPI and API Thread Gauging.

Drilling Services Limited prides itself on quality and reliability, from the basic tubular inspection to the more critical inspection areas. Our area of expertise is tubular, rig handling and lifting equipment. All inspection services are provided as per latest API Specifications, also meeting the customer requirements. Tubular Inspection includes inspection of New and Used Oil Country Tubular Goods including Drill Pipes, Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Casing, Tubing and Bottom Hole Assembly, Derrick, lifting & handling equipment.

We have highly experienced, qualified Inspectors available, with equipment that is portable and reliable.
Inspection Services provided include:
Visual Pipe Inspection
Dimensional Inspection of Pipe
Ultrasonic (UT) wall thickness inspection
Ultrasonic (UT) Inspection of Upsets and three feet end area
EMI Inspection
Visual Thread Inspection
Tool Joint Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional Inspection of Rotary Shoulder Connections
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Pipe Body and Upsets
Dye Penetrant Testing
API Full Length Drifting
Hardness Testing
Thread Gauging
MPI of Rig Derrick, lifting & handling equipment
NDT Inspection Services


    1. Visual inspection

    Visual inspection of the material for quality, workmanship, defects and cleanliness of work.

    2. Dimensional checks
    Carry out checks to ensure that material is dimensionally in accordance with approved drawings.

    3. Compliance with specifications and requirements
    processing procedures, processing qualification, coating, marking, material certificates, shop procedures, etc. shall be verified for compliance with specifications, and specific standards.

    4. Witnessing
    Witness (non) destructive and chemical testing of materials, mechanical test, heat treatment, hydrostatic test, NDT, etc.

    5. Verification of documents
    Verify, review and approve all documentation required in the purchase orders such as origin certificate, test certificates, examination reports, tally sheet and packing list, etc.

    6. Packing and marking inspection
    Check of packing and marking to ensure Compliance with specifications and requirements of clients. Shipping marks and tags check is also included.

    7. Photograph materials
    Taking high quality digital photographs of materials and every key procedure of material processing to let the clients visual check their materials themselves.

    8. Reporting
    Submit detailed reports of all services performed and pictures taken during inspection. Inspection activities for each purchase order will be reported separately.

    9. Inspection certificate
    Issue an inspection certificate immediately after all inspection is completed stating that the equipment or material is in strict accordance with the requirements of the purchase order or rejection announcement.

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