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BOPs and Pressure Control

With our Partnership with Petroleum Oil Tools, we can supply remanufactured and rebuilt blowout preventer stacks for oil and gas drilling rigs. Each oil well BOP stack is remanufactured to a variety of style, size and pressure ratings under strict API 16A* standards. For safety reasons, blowout preventers should be inspected, tested and refurbished regularly.
Petroleum Oil Tools also repairs and refurbishes pressure control systems for drilling including gate valves, check valves, chokes, mud gauges, flanges, and tees / crosses under strict API 6A* standards.

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What We Offer

Petroleum Oil Tools specialises in remanufacturing popular BOP brands Cameron, Hydril and Shaffer, also supplying many spares and accessories including:

Annular BOP
providing a pressure barrier by sealing around tubular goods like drill pipe during drilling operations, typically located at the top of a BOP stack
uses a pair of opposing hydraulic steel rams that are closed in around the drill string, shear through it and then seal or close off a well bore when there is no tubing or drill pipe.
Pipe rams
close around a drill pipe, restricting flow between the outside of the drill pipe and the wellbore, but do not obstruct flow within the drill pipe.
Blind rams
(also known as sealing rams), have no openings for tubing, can close off the well when the well does not contain a drill string or other tubing, and seal it.
Shear rams
cut through the drill string or casing with hardened steel shears.
Blind shear rams
(also known as shear seal rams, or sealing shear rams) are intended to seal a wellbore, even when the bore is occupied by a drill string, by cutting through the drill string as the rams close off the well.
make the connection between the wellhead equipment, the blowout preventers stack and choke and kill manifold
Double Stud Adapters (DSA)
to space pieces of equipment apart, fitted with outlets to attach lines extending to Choke and Kill Manifolds.
Gate Valves
Valve sizes range from 2-1/16 to 7-1/16 and pressure ratings of 3,000psi up to 15,000psi
Check Valves
also known as one-way check valves or safety release valves
weld-neck, blind, threaded, adapter, and target flanges for various drilling rig applications
used to restrict and regulate the flow of well fluids to maintain a desired pressure and flow rate
valves fittings and flanges configured to regulate and control the flow of pressure fluid from a well bore
Tees & Crosses
Fittings with connections in the same plan

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