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Downhole Fishing Tools

Drilling Services has an excellent partnership with Stuckey's Specialty Tools based in Houston, Texas. Stuckey’s Specialty Tools has large machine shop facilities, with the newest machining technology available.

We can manufacture to specific customer requirements and have experience with all types of fishing, production and specialised downhole tools, including:

Casing Scrapers
used to clean Mud, Rust, Mill Scale, Cement, Paraffin, and any other foreign material from inside the casing walls
Casing Swage
to open collapsed casing. The tool is also used to make a swage run prior to running a production tool to make sure the casing I.D. is clear.
Under Reamers
used to enlarge the borehole beyond bit diameter
Hydraulic Casing/Tubing Cutter
runs inside a smaller inner string and is able to cut multi-strings of pipe from production casing to conductor drive pipe
Junk baskets
used to remove all types of objects and debris from the bottom of the well bore
Milling Tools
- permanent bridge plugs, cement retainers, and packers can be quickly and safely milled over and/or retrieved from the well
for externally engaging, packing off or pulling a catch
Safety Joints
releasing devices which provide a positive means of parting the drill pipe, tubing or washover string if the need arises
Casing Roller
is the ideal tool for restoring your collapsed, buckled, or dented casing to its normal roundness and diameter

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