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Drilling Rig Instrumentation

Drilling Services is an authorised Distributor for Poor Boys instrumentation, providing services and products for rig functions and monitoring including anchor type weight indicators, automatic drillers, chart recorders, pressure gauges, load cells and digital mud pump stroke counters, weight indicators and hydraulic rotary torque systems.

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What We Offer

Anchor type weight indicators
designed for accurate indication of hook load and weight on bit
Automatic Drillers
automatically maintains deadline tension, enabling a constant penetration rate for fast and efficient drilling
Drilling/Chart recorders
records the measurements of all crucial drilling functions, such as drill string weight, rate of penetration, pump pressure, torque, and other data
Pressure Systems
provide a quick, accurate check of pressure. The systems are available in both single pointer and dual pointer (compound) versions.
Standpipe Pressure Gauges
are ideal for use on pumps, pump trucks, standpipe, choke manifolds and pipeline pressure applications.
Load cells
designed to indicate accurate readings by transmitting the applied tension load to an indicator
Digital mud pump stroke counters
monitors and displays the number of strokes and stroke rate on mud pumps
Weight indicators and hydraulic rotary torque systems
displays a relative indication of rotary torque to alert drillers of changes in the drilling parameters to help avoid twist offs.
Tong Torque and Tong Line Pull Indication Systems
designed to give accurate readings for makeup and breakout torque to reduce drill collar and tool joint failure

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