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Mud Pumps and Parts

We represent Texma Petroleum (Houston), a specialist in the development and manufacturing of replacement parts of OEM quality for direct replacement mud pump fluid end parts and expendables for customers worldwide.

Located in Houston, Texas, Texma’s products have passed the test of demanding oilfield operations, withstanding the extreme pressures, high temperatures and corrosive environments that are forever present in this unpredictable industry.

For the highest quality control and system procedures, their products follow design and testing methods in accordance with the API and ISO 9001.

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What We Offer

Supply includes:

manufactured to precise OEM tolerances assuring proper fit and alignment for extended service under extreme and demanding oilfield conditions
Butterfly Valves
include lug and wafer type in a variety of materials and elastomers
precision machined, ground and highly polished from high tensile strength forged and cast steel blanks. Precise and accurate balancing, designed for minimize the vibration guarantees the extended run life of the rotating assembly.
Crossheads and Guides
precision machined from high quality steel castings to original OEM specifications for a large variety of mud pumps; this part ensures that the piston rod only moves in the same direction of travel as the piston
Cylinder Heads and Covers
made from forged alloy steel and designed for quick and easy access to valves and liners during maintenance operations
Discharge/Suction Modules
The interchangeable suction and discharge connections enable adaptability to most OEM fluid end modules. Pressure ranges include: 5,000, 7,500 & 10,000
Float Valves
provide added blowout protection to prevent flow back when string joints to reduce drill pipe plugging
Gate Valves
designed to provide reliable line closures in a variety of styles and line sizes, both 3K and 5K pressures
precision cut from castings or forgings, depending on gear applications, to OEM specifications for exact interchangeability and extended service life
Hydraulic Seat Pullers
a safe, quickly, efficient and economical option for removing seats quickly and efficiently with no chance of damage to the seat deck. Sizes are available from API 3 – API 9
can withstand mud pressures of up to 10,000 psi. The life of our high chrome liners have proven to reach on average more than 800 Hours of Service
manufactured from alloy steel to increase yield strength and aid in fatigue resistance. Are corrosion resistant and have a smoother surface finish which helps reduce friction and heat
Hardened Steel
made from premium seamless steel tube or premium forged steel, in which the bore is carbonized and quenched, creating hardening characteristics of 58 to 62 Rockwell C hardness
Chrome Plated
made from premium forged steel with a chrome-plated bore, has hardening characteristics of 58 to 62 Rockwell C hardness
Piston Rods
Made of forged alloy steel with thermal refining treatment, Duplex and triplex components are available
Relief Valves
available in several OEM configurations, sizes and pressure ratings.
Piston and Piston Rubbers
are made to exact tolerances and include a variety of extended wear materials including the following combinations from 3” to 8”sizes and available for all pressures.
All are ideally suited for either oil-based or water-based mud and interchangeable with OEM counterparts
Valves and Seats
High performance valves and seats

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