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Rental Equipment

We have the following equipment for rental at the present time:

Batch Mixer

Batch mixers enable the mixing of cement slurries and other fluids and feature two centrifugal pumps for delivering fluid to high-pressure pumps, recirculating cement slurries for mixing in blending tanks, and transferring fluids from remote tanks. The batch mixers are cable of handling large volumes of cement slurry and significantly reduce fluctuations in cement density.


Drilling Services Ltd has 2 x Ideco T-1600 Mud Pumps available for Rental.

Please contact [email protected] for further details.

Enerflow Industries 15PS Power Swivel

The Power Swivel is a hydraulic rotation device that is hung from the Service Rig elevator and travelling block. It rotates the downhole tubing and drill bit when drilling is required to modify existing wells. The Power Swivel also provides a passageway for the flow of drilling fluid circulation system that provides lubrication for the drill bit and removes drilling debris from the well.

The Power Swivel is stored in a container that provides a protective housing for transport and hydraulic power for operation when attached to the Service Rig. The container includes the following components:

Container for The Power Swivel

ISO 1496 shipping container:-

  • 1.) ISO 1496 shipping container - 8 ft width x 9 ft 6 height x 40 ft length
  • 2.) Power swivel
  • 3.) Power tong
  • 4.) Power swivel skid
  • 5.) 2 Hydraulic hose reels (130 feet each)
  • 6.) Battery box
  • 7.) Hydraulic Tank
  • 8.) 300 gal fuel tank
  • 9.) Air compressor tanks
  • 10.) Caterpillar C9 deck engine

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